Part 2

I am a soil nerd….yes I bore my family with countless hours of listening to podcast on soil health. We believe the healthier our soil is, the more nutrient dense our vegetables, herbs, and hemp are. Soil is the foundation of our farm, and the health of our soil defines our creed. After all, our soil grows the plants that feed, nourish and heal us as well as our livestock.

I started our first garden in a small plot behind our first home and much to our neighbors dismay have tilled up every yard thereafter and replaced perfectly good grass with organically grown vegetables and herbs. Yes, I define that lady. We now have multiple plots we cultivate and are transitioning them over to a no-till system.

The last couple months I have circled back around to cooking from scratch. (I definitely have more time in the winter to do such things) This year I have designed our family garden around the ingredients I use most. I plan to grow enough of the staple items to last us all winter. My staples include: potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and tomatoes.

Our second garden will consist of herbs and flowers. I have an herb addiction! We started using an organic greenhouse for some of our starts last year and they agreed to grow our herb starts this year. Did I mention they come in 72 count trays, 72 starts of each herb! I can’t wait!! We placed our order in January and I am counting down the days till they arrive. I feel like a kid a Christmas!

Our field contains our herb garden, our hemp, an organic buffer, and alfalfa we cut and bale for the goats. The organic buffer consists of 4 rows of edible fruits and berries. The first being sumac trees, the second row elderberries, then fruit trees followed by blueberries bushes. We planted about half the buffer last year and plan to complete it this year.

Last but not least our hemp field. You ever heard the phrase, “Hempin’ ain’t easy”……well we learned this year hempin ain’t easy. Good thing our mantra is, if it’s worth having it’s worth working for, and yes it proved worth it. The worth to us comes from the knowledge of the benefits of the plant: the benefits to the soil, the environment, the bees that worked the field with me every morning, the medicinal benefit. With that knowledge, the hands on care we put forth, and the properties that make up the plant, we know for certain the products we create provide the utmost quality in every hand crafted small batch. We grew our alfalfa as cover crop for our hemp field and will continue the no-till method. We look forward to growing our hemp organically and applying the lessons learned this past year in this years cultivation.

With all the uncertainty at this time I am looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt. I find peace in the hard work of gardening, it is good for my soul. May we all find peace during these trying time.