Our Family Farm

Small Farm. Small Batch.

About Me

Hello there, I am Ashli, owner and farmer at LRF! Grab a cup of coffee and lets visit a bit.

I am a wife, mother of four, an entrepreneur, a farmer. I am unwavering in my commitment to farming organically and being a responsible steward of this land. You will either find me in my kitchen, where chairs are pulled up to the countertops so the littles can help, or in my garden hiding from those same littles. I am here to answer any questions you have and know you are always welcomed at the farmstead.

Our Farm

We are a family of six working together to cultivate wellness on our small family farm. The wellness of our farm starts with our soil, the soil that grows the plants that nourish and heal us. We believe in organic and sustainable farming practices and raising heritage breed livestock. We started as a raw dairy farm raising British Guernsey goats on rotational grazing and certified organic feed. We keep a small apiary which provides us with raw honey and pure beeswax and a flock of Welsh Harlequin ducks for farm fresh eggs. Here at LRF we desire to give more than we take.